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How It Works

At GES Exterior Cleaning, our process is simple. Firstly, we’d assess the state of your roof, be it moss layout or a flat roof needing a roof steam clean. Next, our expert team carries out the cleaning process, involving gentle pressure washing, moss removal, and roof sealer application, leaving your roof spotless.

Who It’s For?

Our cleaning services are designed to meet the specific needs of homeowners, commercial property owners, real estate agents, and property maintenance firms in Walton on Thames.

Why Choose Us?

GES Exterior Cleaning is committed to providing high-quality, professional roof cleaning services centred on efficiency and client satisfaction. Using suitable roof coating and cleaning tools, whether it’s a roof clean as part of regular maintenance or roof repairs in Walton-on-Thames, our services are unrivalled. So looking for roof cleaner services in Surrey and surrounding areas, offering roof cleaning Reigate to roof cleaning in Weybridge, so where ever you are, we’ve got you covered!


Benefits Of Using GES

Our services are designed to boost your property’s appeal, extend the life of your roof, and prevent deterioration caused by moss or algae. With our services, you’ll also get customer satisfaction and free consultation, thus ensuring that your roof cleaning needs are covered.

Want a Clean, Appealing Roof?

Learn More About Our Comprehensive Cleaning Services or contact us for roof cleaning Walton on Thames needs. Let’s enhance the beauty of your roof together!

Additional Services

Apart from roof cleaning, we offer additional services in Walton on Thames. These include gutter, driveway, patio, and general exterior home cleaning. It is aimed at enhancing the beauty of your property, both inside and out.

Roof cleaning: The benefits

Avoid damage

If algae and moss are not removed from your roof, they can cause water damage by thickening, expanding, and raising shingles or other materials over time. Cleaning your roof prevents costly damage.

Increases kerb appeal

Keeping your roof clean can improve your home’s appearance and increase its value.

Extends its lifespan

Hiring professionals to clean your roof can significantly increase its longevity and durability. This means that you won’t have to replace your roof as frequently, saving you time and money in the long run.

Stop blocked gutters

Our gutters are responsible for draining rainwater away from our properties. However, leaves and debris often accumulate on roofs and fall, causing blockages that lead to overflow and damage.

Save money

It is essential to keep your roof clean to prevent a variety of issues that can result in costly repairs and a shorter lifespan for your roof. Investing in roof maintenance is a wise decision, considering the high cost of roof replacement.

Prevent pests

When your roof is covered in moss and dirt, it can attract pests and insects that cause damage. Cleaning your roof can help keep these unwelcome guests away.

Experience the Difference

Join the family of satisfied customers who continually trust us for their cleaning needs. North, South, East, West – wherever you are in Walton on Thames, we are your reliable partner in restoring your property’s exterior charm. Want to know more? Feel free to contact us!

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FAQ Section

What is the process for your roof cleaning in Walton on the Thames?

We start by assessing the state of your roof, and then gentle pressure washing and moss removal are performed. Lastly, roof sealer and roof coating are applied for protection and longevity.

Can your cleaning services handle a flat roof?

Our team expertly handles all roofs, including flat roofs and those requiring roof steam cleaning.

Are your services suitable for commercial properties?

Our cleaning services are tailored for residential and commercial properties in Walton on Thames.

What kind of improvement can I expect with your roof cleaning service?

Our roof cleaning service removes dirt, moss, and algae, greatly enhancing your property’s external appearance and curb appeal.

Do you offer any other exterior cleaning services?

In addition to roof cleaning, we also offer gutter cleaning and pressure washing services for various areas of your home or commercial property.

Are your services worth the cost?

Our services not only improve aesthetics but can also extend the lifespan of your roof, preventing costly future damage. Pricing varies based on the specifics of the job.

How can I request a quote for roof cleaning in Walton on Thames?

You can quickly request a free quote by clicking here.

To request a roof cleaning quote, contact us now

To book a roof cleaning site visit and quote, please call now on 020 8111 1506.