Expert Roof Cleaning Services

Is your roof looking grimy and tired? Is it covered in organic growth? Are you putting off roof maintenance? All roofs are affected by algae, lichen, and moss and over time will begin to deteriorate. This can cause your roof to become unsightly and ruin its appearance. We use specialist soft washing techniques to gently but effectively restore the colour and appearance of your roof.

We are specialist exterior cleaners who can restore your roof’s aesthetics and improve or extend its longevity. Your roof is a significant investment, so it must be well maintained. We use a combination of specialist cleaning techniques depending on the roof’s material, including pressure washing and soft washing techniques.

Using the latest, cutting-edge equipment, we ensure that your roof will look beautiful for many years to come. It also allows us to offer first-class roof cleaning results without the need for harsh treatments. We clean all types of roofs including:

  • Pitched roofs
  • Slate & tiles
  • Flat roofs
  • Garage roofs
  • GRP fibreglass roofs
  • EPDM rubber roofs
  • Felt roofs
  • Moss removal

Pressure washing can take off a thin layer from more delicate materials, so we use a careful moss removal and then low pressure cleaning process. Our roof cleaning kills and sanitises algae, moss, and lichen and prevents regrowth, with zero damage to your roof surface or materials.

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Expert roof soft washing and cleaning

Our roofs are one of the most important parts of our properties but due to the climate, organic growth like moss, algae, and lichen can thrive on roofs. They also collect dirt from passing traffic and become stained with other pollutants making them look dirty and unsightly.

We use gentle and safe soft washing methods. All organic growth is manually removed and then special chemicals are used to treat the surface and kill algae and other pollutants. Sometimes we use other methods, including gentle pressure washing but this is determined during an initial consultation.

  • Tailored roof cleaning and soft washing to ensure exceptional results
  • Banish all moss, algae, or bacteria and protect your roof from re-growth
  • Cutting edge tools and roof cleaning techniques used by seasoned professionals
  • Following any clean, all debris and dirt will be removed
  • Knowledgeable exterior cleaning company that can advise you on the best and most appropriate levels of cleaning
  • Roof cleaning to suit all budgets and free quotes available at any time

Roof cleaning: The benefits

Avoid damage

If algae and moss are left on your roof it can thicken and expand, raising shingles or other materials. This can cause water to travel underneath and cause damage. Cleaning will prevent costly damage over time.

Increases kerb appeal

Keeping your roof clean will enhance the appearance of your home and will boost its value.

Extends its lifespan

Getting your roof professionally cleaned will extend its durability and therefore its lifespan.

Stop blocked gutters

Our gutters play a crucial role in draining rainwater away from our properties. When roofs are covered with miss, this commonly falls and blocks gutters, causing them to overflow and cause damage.

Save money

By keeping your roof clean, you are preventing a lot of problems that could cause expensive repairs and shorten the lifespan of your roof. When you consider the cost of roof replacement, this is a wise investment.

Prevent pests

When your roof is covered with moss and dirt, this can attract pests and bugs that can cause further damage to your roof. Cleaning your roof will keep these unwelcome guests away.

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