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Rediscover the Beauty of Your Home’s Exterior with GES Exterior Cleaning in Reigate.

A pristine roof not only looks good but also enhances the longevity of your home.

Our Process: Easy, Transparent, Effective

Initial Contact

Share your requirements. We’ll arrange a time for the next cleaning service that’s convenient for you.

On-site Assessment

Our team will survey your roof to determine the best roof cleaning service methods tailored to it.

Expert Cleaning

Leveraging advanced equipment, we guarantee an impeccable cleaning job.

Customer Validation

After the cleaning, we’ll walk you through the results to ensure it meets your expectations.

Why GES Exterior Cleaning Stands Out

Unmatched Experience: 15+ years in roof cleaning services, delivering superior exterior cleaning results.

Commitment to Satisfaction: We’re not happy unless you are. Every task, regardless of size, is treated with the same dedication.

Budget-Friendly: Exceptional services that don’t break the bank. We believe in offering value.

All-in-One Cleaning: Partnering with GES Clean, we handle internal and external roof cleaning—Reigate—one solution for all cleaning challenges. So looking for roof cleaning services in Surrey and surrounding areas, offering roof cleaning Esher to roof cleaning in Walton on Thames, so where ever you are, we’ve got you covered!


The Advantages of Regular Roof Cleaning

Increased Longevity: Regular cleaning and roof moss prevent the growth of moss and algae, thereby extending your roof’s lifespan.

Energy Efficiency: A clean roof reflects the sun’s rays better, leading to cooler home interiors and reduced energy bills.

Enhanced Aesthetics: A clean roof significantly boosts the curb appeal of your property, making it stand out.

Early Problem Detection: Regular cleaning and inspection can help spot potential issues early, preventing costly repairs.

Roof cleaning: The benefits

Avoid damage

If algae and moss are not removed from your roof, they can cause water damage by thickening, expanding, and raising shingles or other materials over time. Cleaning your roof prevents costly damage.

Increases kerb appeal

Keeping your roof clean can improve your home’s appearance and increase its value.

Extends its lifespan

Hiring professionals to clean your roof can significantly increase its longevity and durability. This means that you won’t have to replace your roof as frequently, saving you time and money in the long run.

Stop blocked gutters

Our gutters are responsible for draining rainwater away from our properties. However, leaves and debris often accumulate on roofs and fall, causing blockages that lead to overflow and damage.

Save money

Investing in regular roof maintenance is a smart decision as it can help avoid a range of problems that could lead to expensive repairs or a shorter lifespan for your roof. Keeping your roof clean is crucial to prevent such issues and to save on the high cost of roof replacement.

Prevent pests

When your roof is covered in moss and dirt, it can attract pests and insects that cause damage. Cleaning your roof can help keep these unwelcome guests away.

More Than Just Roof Cleaning

While roof cleaning in Reigate is one of our specialities, GES Exterior Cleaning offers a plethora of other services:

Driveway and Patio Cleaning: Restore the appeal of your outdoor spaces.

Gutter Cleaning: Ensure a smooth flow and prevent water damage.

Facade and External Wall Cleaning: Revamp the overall look of your property.

Window Cleaning: Crystal clear windows for a brighter indoor environment.

Maintaining Your Roof Between Professional Cleanings

While our team ensures thorough cleaning of your roof, maintaining its cleanliness can prolong the time between professional services. Here are some expert tips for roof repairs:

Regular Inspections: Inspect your roof for moss, algae, or debris buildup.

Gentle Cleaning: Use a soft brush or broom to remove accumulated dirt or leaves gently.

Avoid Pressure Washing: Pressure washing can damage your roof tiles without proper equipment. Leave the intense cleaning to the pros!

State-of-the-Art Cleaning Techniques

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, we at GES Exterior Cleaning are equipped with modern tools that ensure thorough and efficient roof cleaning Reigate. From high-pressure washing systems to gentle cleansing tools suitable for delicate roof types hip tiles, we’ve invested in the best. Our commitment is not just towards superior cleaning but also to ensure that your property remains undamaged and pristine.

Know GES Exterior Cleaning Better

GES Exterior Cleaning, based in Epsom, Surrey, boasts over 15 years of experience in the cleaning realm. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled exterior and cleaning services at competitive prices. Complementing our sister company, GES Clean, we extend comprehensive cleaning solutions, making us the ultimate cleaning destination.

FAQ Section

Is the cleaning process gentle on the roof?

Absolutely! Our team is equipped to clean various damaged roof tiles and types, ensuring each is treated carefully.

How often should I consider professional roof cleaning?

A cleaning every 2-3 years is typically sufficient, but this might vary depending on local conditions.

Are there surprise charges?

We uphold pricing transparency. All costs are discussed upfront.

Do you serve areas beyond Reigate?

Yes! Apart from Roof Cleaning in Reigate, we operate throughout Surrey and South London.

How effective is your process in roof moss removal?

Our roof moss removal technique is highly effective, ensuring that moss is thoroughly eradicated without causing any harm to the roof coating the underlying roof tiles. We employ specialised tools and products that target moss at its roots, preventing it from reoccurring for a long duration.

Is gutter cleaning included in your roof cleaning package, or is it separate?

Gutter cleaning is a distinct service we offer, given its unique requirements and the specialised equipment used. However, we recommend combining gutter repairs with roof cleaning for a comprehensive exterior cleaning solution. This ensures a clean roof, optimises water flow, and prevents potential damage caused by clogged gutters.

Will the cleaning process damage my roof tiles?

Not. Our team at GES Exterior Cleaning is trained to handle different types of roof tiles with care. We utilise gentle but effective cleaning methods that preserve the integrity of the tiles while ensuring they are spotlessly clean. Your roof’s health and appearance are our topmost priorities.

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