Expert Render Cleaning Services

Let GES Exterior Cleaning transform your render so it looks like new. We use specialist soft washing techniques to both clean your render and fully sanitise it to eradicate organic pollutants, such as red, green, and black algae; bacteria; and funghi. Our render cleaning provides long-lasting, reliable, and safe results.

It is important that when you need render cleaning, you only use a professional exterior cleaning company. We use state-of-the-art equipment and tools to complete cleaning that is always powerful but thorough. Through specialist doff cleaning and soft washing techniques and technology to clean all types of render, including:

  • Cement & sand render
  • Monocouche render
  • Silicone render
  • Lime render
  • K-rend
  • Weber rend

Pressure washing can strip away materials that have been loosened through ageing and decomposition and inexperienced or DIY pressure washing can cause expensive damage. Our skilled soft washing services are more sustainable and last for longer. We know exactly the right pressure and techniques to achieve a safe and powerful render clean.

Our local cleaning operatives can restore commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our render cleaning and the other services that we provide.

For a free site survey and quotation, please call us now on 020 8111 1506.

Soft washing render cleaning specialists

Our render cleaning services restore and clean all types of render. Our experts are highly-professional, fully trained, and can clean buildings of all shapes and sizes. No job is too big or small.

Soft washing uses specially formulated chemicals and steam at high temperatures and low pressure to cut through stains and dirt, whilst also being gentle and safe on your property. We can visit your property and inspect the exterior and advise about the best cleaning methods for excellent results.

  • Soft washing to guarantee a first-class and cost-effective render clean
  • Remove algae, moss, and other organisms and prevent any future growth
  • The latest state-of-the-art equipment used by professional exterior cleaning specialists
  • Flexible timings (including out-of-hours appointments) and fast-drying results
  • Experienced operatives who know how to get the best results and all cleaning tailored to your property
  • Fully insured and accredited with an excellent track record

Why opt for render cleaning?

Avoid damage

By leaving your grimy render for too long you run the risk of long-term damage over time. By removing lichen and moss you will avoid this damage to the outer surface of your home.

Add value

Washing and cleaning your render will enhance the value of your property and make it look more appealing.

Save money

Periodic render cleaning will always be more economical than re-painting your render. Our render cleaning will keep your render cleaner for longer.


The high temperature of the steam and specially-formulated chemicals kill off the algae spores and provide a long-term protective benefit by preventing the growth of micro-organisms.


Our soft washing techniques use eco-friendly agents and less water than pressure washing, so it is environmentally friendly.

Tried and tested

Our render cleaning is tried and tested and designed to give your property the best clean possible at the most cost-effective prices.

For a free render clean quote, contact us now

For a free quote to clean your exterior render, call now on 020 8111 1506.