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Are you looking for professional gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance services near you? If your gutters are blocked at your home or business premises, call the team at GES Exterior Cleaning. Gutters and downpipe systems provide a crucial role in draining rainwater away from the roof, your walls, and the foundations of your property.

Gutters can get very quickly filled with leaves, moss, and general debris. We can complete your gutter cleaning through different methods including manual gutter cleaning, and by using advanced state-of-the-art gutter vacuums, that hoover wet and dry debris. Gutter vacuuming tools can also reach up to 40 feet from the ground, so there is no need for ladders or scaffolding, leading to a quicker and safer clean.

Our SkyVac gutter vacuums have cameras, so we can identify the cause of any blockages. After any cleaning, we also wash through gutters to ensure that there are no more leaks. We aim to leave you with completely clear and functioning gutter systems.

We can complete all gutter cleaning services including:

  • Residential gutter cleaning
  • Commercial gutter cleaning
  • Gutter vacuuming
  • Gutter maintenance
  • Gutter pressure washing

Many issues result from not looking after your gutters including water damage to your property, sagging gutters, pest infestations, and more. We are highly trained and experienced to use pressure washing and gutter cleaning equipment safely and effectively.

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Gutter cleaning & pressure washing

Here at GES Exterior Cleaning, we can complete all types of gutter cleaning. As well as removing all fallen leaves, debris, and twigs, we will also ensure all mould and bacteria have been removed, so your gutters look fantastic from the inside and the outside. This will help to prevent costly repairs and damage to your roof and exterior.

Our gutter cleaning prices are always competitive and you will receive the highest standards at all times.

  • Domestic and residential gutter cleaning & maintenance
  • Experienced and trained team, who use state-of-the-art gutter vacuuming tools
  • Free & no-obligation consultations and quotes
  • Gutters van be cleaned from the ground where possible for a faster and more effective clean
  • Fascias and soffits cleaned
  • Highly recommended throughout the local areas

Why is gutter cleaning so important?

Prevents water damage

Clogged and blocked gutters can result in rainwater overflowing from the gutters or downpipes. This can lead to water damage to your walls, roof, or even foundation, which in the worst cases could affect the structural integrity of your property.

Stops infestations

Blocked and clogged gutters can attract nesting birds, vermin, or insects. By removing all debris and organic matter, you can eliminate these nesting areas and deter infestations.

Extends roof lifespan

Clogged gutters can affect your roof and roofline and in winter months when water freezes it can put unnecessary weight on these structures causing them to degrade. Gutter cleaning ensures the water flows easily through the gutters.

Improves appearance

Cleaning your gutters will always improve your property’s aesthetics, making them appear fresher and cleaner. If you are selling your property, clean gutters and downpipes will create an excellent first impression.

Reduces repair costs

Blocked gutters can cause them to leak and crack. Our gutter cleaning will notice any small repairs before they become more costly to repair. Blocked gutters can also become heavy and pull away from fascia boards. Gutter repairs are always more affordable than replacement.

Improve health

Stagnant water can cause damp and the growth of mildew and mould that can have a knock-on effect on your health. Our gutter cleaning is the best way to keep water flowing through your guttering.

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