Professional Patio & Driveway Cleaning

Transform your tired-looking or dirty-looking patio or driveway with our expert pressure washing services. Our specialist jet washing services can clean all types of exterior services and driveways and will cut through all algae, moss, dirt, and stains quickly and easily.

We use cutting-edge and industrial-grade pressure washing equipment, so we can clean your exterior surfaces to the highest standards. As well as blasting away dirt and stains, our tailored approach will prevent them from coming back and provide a long-lasting and protective benefit.

We can clean all types of driveways and patio areas including:

  • Block paving

  • Tarmac and asphalt

  • Crazy paving

  • Resin

  • Pattern imprinted driveways
  • Concrete
  • Decking
  • Limestone & sandstone
  • Natural stone
  • Algae, moss, & lichen removal
  • Residential driveways & patios
  • Commercial driveways & patios
  • Forecourts & car parks

All cleaning is completely tailored to the material and we use a variety of materials and products to clean driveways and patios thoroughly, whilst never damaging the surface. are fully trained and insured on all aspects of exterior cleaning and surface restoration.

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Skillful & highly trained pressure washing professionals

Here at GES Exterior Cleaning, we can pressure wash patios and driveways of all materials, shapes, and sizes. Whether they are covered in algae, tyre marks, or full stains, we will remove any substances and transform them back to their original colour and appearance.

Our jet washing professionals and fully trained and insured and will use the correct washing techniques and safe chemical cleaning products. This includes high-performance rotary cleaners and specially-formulated nanotech coatings and surface protectors.

  • Free & no obligation site visits and written quotations
  • All surface grime removed and treatments applied to inhibit the re-growth of algae and lichen
  • All types of driveways and patios cleaned and treated – no project too big or small
  • State-of-the-art equipment and products used for effective and safe cleaning
  • Professional, experienced, and highly-trained exterior cleaning professionals
  • Flexible appointment times including out-of-hours appointments to minimise disruption

Driveway & Patio cleaning: The benefits

Banishes dirt

Our jet washing services will remove all algae, moss, lichen, and other pollutants and stop them from growing back. We can also cut through oil stains and other dirt.

Boosts kerb appeal

First impressions count and your driveway will always be one of the first things people see when they approach your property. By cleaning it, you can create a fresh and appealing aesthetic. If you are planning to sell your home, kerb appeal matters.

Promotes safety

Driveways covered with moss and dirt can become dirty and unsafe to walk on because they are so slippery. By removing dirt, the surface will be safer to walk on.

Tailored cleans

We always ensure your patio or driveway has a powerful and effective clean but will make sure it is never damaged. Our methods are always tough on dirt and kind on surfaces.

Protects surfaces

Grime and algae will erode your exterior surface over time and cracks can appear. Regular cleaning will also reduce the costs of repairs over time.

Saves time & effort

You may consider pressure washing yourself but DIY jet washing equipment can damage surfaces and not produce the same results as our industrial-grade equipment. Save yourself time, stress, and money.

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