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Are you looking for exceptional roof cleaning Claygate services? Increase the longevity and appeal of your establishment with GES Exterior Cleaning – your local solution for comprehensive and satisfactory roof cleaning. Tackle unattractive moss, algae, and lichen on your roof effectively to maintain your property’s curb appeal.

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How It Works

Step 1: Free Consultation – We first understand your needs regarding roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, or conservatory roof cleaning services.

Step 2: Tailored Plan – We create a customized cleaning plan ranging from steam cleaning to pressure cleaning to meet your unique requirements. 

Step 3: Expert Execution – Our proficient team takes over the task of roof and gutter cleaning, using entirely leading cleaning mechanisms, ensuring your perfect clean roof.

Who It’s For

Homeowners in Claygate

“GES Exterior Cleaning made our roof look brand new! Their roof cleaning services are comprehensive and highly effective.” – John, Claygate homeowner.

Letting Agents and Landlords in Claygate

“GES is our go-to for all exterior cleaning services. Our rental properties always look fantastic and ready for viewing after their team visits.” – Mary, Letting Agent in Claygate.

Facility Managers and Property Managers in Claygate

“Regular maintenance from GES helps us maintain the professionalism and attractiveness of our commercial properties. Highly recommended for any business!” – Sam, Facility Manager, Claygate


Benefits of Our Services: Unlocking Your Roof’s Potential

Our expert cleaning services are about more than just achieving clean roofs. They aim to transform your entire exterior look while increasing the lifespan of your roof and gutters. With our pressure washing and steam cleaning techniques, expect thorough cleaning of roofs, driveways, and patios – Don’t underestimate the power of a clean!

Why Choose GES Exterior Cleaning?

We are trusted across Surrey for our prompt and efficient service, top-rated customer service, and cleaning solutions. We offer tailor-made solutions that fit your needs and budget. Ready to experience the GES difference and revamp your exteriors? Request a Cleaning Quote Today.


Roof cleaning: The benefits

Avoid damage

If algae and moss aren’t removed from your roof, they can cause water damage by thickening, expanding, and raising shingles or other materials over time. Regular roof cleaning can prevent costly damage.

Increases kerb appeal

Keeping your roof clean can improve your home’s appearance and increase its value.

Extends its lifespan

Hiring professionals to clean your roof can significantly increase its longevity and durability, meaning you won’t have to replace it as frequently, saving you time and money in the long run.

Stop blocked gutters

Our gutters are responsible for draining rainwater away from our properties. However, leaves and debris often accumulate on roofs and cause blockages, leading to overflow and damage

Save money

Investing in regular roof maintenance is a smart decision as it can help avoid a range of problems that could lead to expensive repairs or a shorter lifespan for your roof. Keeping your roof clean is crucial to prevent such issues and to save on the high cost of roof replacement.

Prevent pests

When your roof is covered in moss and dirt, it can attract pests and insects that cause damage. Cleaning your roof can help keep these unwelcome guests away.

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Keeping Claygate Beautiful, One Roof At A Time

GES Exterior Cleaning is on a mission to improve the general outlook of your roof by offering top-tier roof cleaning and guttering services. We take pleasure in restoring the beauty of your property!

Our Cleaning Services

Varying weather conditions can take a toll on your roof tiles, resulting in excessive roof moss and unwelcome lichen. That’s why we offer moss, lichen, and algae removal services, helping your home’s roof blend beautifully with Claygate’s picturesque milieu.

Flat Roof Cleaning

Does your property have a flat roof? We’ve got you covered! Our experienced team is skilful in handling all the complexities associated with flat roof cleaning, making it look new and enhancing its performance.

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Whether you are a house owner or an estate manager, we have a robust capability to transform your property’s exterior. Let’s start today – Request a cleaning quote now or Learn More about our cleaning techniques and benefits.

Take Pride in Your Clean Roof

Shed off all the worries of roof cleaning and upkeep. Your solution is just a call away! Contact us at GES Exterior Cleaning and take pride in your well-maintained, visually appealing, and healthy roof. We are just a call away!

We Look Forward to Seeing Each Roof in Claygate Sparkling Bright!

We at GES Exterior Cleaning are eager to make a significant difference in your property’s aesthetics and longevity. Get in touch today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What roof services does GES Exterior Cleaning offer in Claygate?

We offer comprehensive roof cleaning services tailored to your home’s specific needs. Using powerful and effective cleaning mechanisms, our services include tackling unattractive moss, algae, and lichen on your home’s roof.

2. Who are GES Exterior Cleaning services ideal for?

Our services are perfect for homeowners, letting agents, landlords, and property managers in Claygate looking for professional roof cleaning services. Our valued clients trust us for our prompt, efficient, top-rated customer service and robust cleaning solutions.

3. How does the pressure washing process work at GES Exterior Cleaning?

We have a simple three-step process: Free consultation – where we understand your unique roof cleaning needs. Tailored plan – where we create a cleaning plan based on your requirements. Expert execution – where our proficient team cleans your roof using robust low pressure cleaning techniques.

4. Why should I choose GES Exterior Cleaning for my roof cleaning needs?

GES Exterior Cleaning is trusted across Claygate for professional cleaning services. We offer tailored solutions to fit your needs and budget and ensure pristine results for your home with our pressure washing and steam cleaning techniques.

5. Do you offer gutter cleaning and conservatory roof cleaning services in Claygate?

Yes, apart from roof cleaning, we also offer gutter cleaning and conservatory roof cleaning services in Claygate. Our cleaning services aim to increase the lifespan of your property while maintaining its aesthetics.

6. How can I get a quote for your roof cleaning services?

You can request a cleaning quote today on our website. Our services are cost-effective and offer value for money while ensuring a clean, moss-free roof.

7. How do I contact GES Exterior Cleaning?

You can contact us through our website to learn more about our cleaning services, techniques, and benefits and to request a cleaning quote.

To request a roof cleaning quote, contact us now

To book a roof cleaning site visit and quote, please call now on 020 8111 1506.